Battery cabinets: I-POWER

We manufacture products for civil and industrial plant engineering. In addition to the catalogue versions, we develop specific OEM lines for industrial partners who share our ethics and business vision. Ideas embodied in the quality of our cabinets and the completeness of our service.

The cabinets of the i-POWER series are the result of the experience gained in different installations with various types of UPS Stationary Batteries.

The rational design of the modular structure allows to select number and position of the shelves adjusting the height with a step of 100 mm. The battery shelves are equipped with reinforcements to prevent deformation in the most severe applications, aeration slots, sockets for strapping the batteries.

The door can be mounted with right or left opening, the lock is equipped with rods and 4 locking points. Standard dual-bit key drive can be replaced with swivel handle systems, managed key systems via IP network or sms, integrating smart access control and environmental monitoring.

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