Technical Gas Cabinets

We manufacture products for industrial plant engineering. In addition to the catalogue versions, we develop specific OEM lines for industrial partners who share our ethics and business vision. Ideas shaped in the quality of our technical gas cabinets and the reliability of our service.

Our IB cabinet for outdoor installation is intended for housing and protecting high-pressure gas cylinders for technical, specialty, food and medical gases and related pressure-regulating and distribution equipment.

The cabinet grants safe housing for cylinder storage and supply of technical, specialty, food, and medical gases from high-pressure vessels. It shields from solar radiation and weather as well as from tampering. The single installation or in contiguous modules allows a convenient separation of different gases, separation of fuels from oxidizers, an orderly storage of empty and full. The product is a champion in robustness and simplicity in assembling.

The use of industrial components guarantees full efficiency over time.

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