A clear vision of business and people

Sustainable energy and accessible comfort

We supply the benefits of technology – expression of the most advanced scientific progress – to everyone who chooses to grow with us.

We offer our competences and passion to the use of technology, to provide a reliable, clean and responsible comfort.

Our history


All the machinery belong to the latest and high energy efficiency generation. Installation of solar panels. EVA: a new series of products designed to implement PF commitment on Agenda 2030.


PANOTEC and partnership with DS Smith: PF crafts in house the packaging for all its products; the paper waste is recycled by our supplier. PF relies solely on renewable electric sources of power: natural gas is dismissed and Sorgenia is selected as 100% renewable electric energy supplier.


Partnership with Additive Italia


Modula automated vertical storage solutions


New full electric Panel Bending FMC


PF strengthens its sustainability commitment through policies and investments to improve the process and building energy efficiency. All previous generation machinery will be upgraded in the following years.


New Robotic full electric FMC dedicated to sheet metal bending


PF bolsters its export capabilities. The board European values and vision are translated in social responsibility and sustainability, implemented in collaboration with Consorzio Mestieri.


Domina: a new product line which is PF symbol in European markets.


Collaboration with Finn-Power (today Prima Power) introducing highly automated processes.


PF is a family business: Marco Preziosa is the new CEO. PF becomes a firm oriented at efficiency and sustainability


Development with ABB Robotics and first integration of a robot in a sheet metal bending cell in Europe.


Francesco Preziosa embraces a new challenge: founding a business specialized in sheet metal fabrication of technical components for heating and natural gas distribution systems.

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Meet the team

Paola Cefis

Senior Accountant

I joined the team in 2013 as an apprentice and up till 2020 I was mainly responsible for the logistics and for supporting the then senior accountant.

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Deborah Morotti

Logistic Manager

Before 2020 I was clueless about PF; I was introduced by Associazione Artigiani and what impressed me the most during the first interview at the company was the attention paid by the management to the employees.

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Robinson Edebor

FMC maintenance operator and HP 3D printer maintenance and process operator

I got in touch with PF thanks to an immigrants integration project of the townhall of Costa di Mezzate; I joined the team as an apprentice, and

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Goldy Ram

Junior PrimaPower FMC maintenance and process operator

I discovered PF thanks to an employment office, I’ve been hired as an apprentice and I’m in the middle of the journey as junior Prima Power FMC maintenance and process operator.

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Kone Abdoulaye

PrimaPower panel bender FMC process operator

I got in touch with PF thanks to an employment agency, I attended a training program specific for the panel bender FMC and

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Bismarck Asiedu

PrimaPower pressbrake process operator, robot bending FMC and packaging automation supervisor

It was an employment agency which introduced me to PF. What did I found different from my previous jobs on day 1?

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